Crazy Making and Gaslightinf

To my abusive husband:

abuse in all forms: psychological, physical,financial… Whatelse do you want me to go through? Just because i am starting to wake up from your narcissistic spell?

Gaslighting, do u know that term my dear abusive husband? Of course not!! Because you are too stupid to know What psychologist call what you have been dong to me…

Initially you made everyone including my mother believe that i am losing my sanity… Because of the prescription drugs and prohibited drugs used randomly..
Fact: you were just trying to divert the real issue!! That you want to cover up because anytime from now, the news about the Murdered woman will be all over the news… She went missing for a couple of weeks i dont know, then eventually her body will be recovered and that her husband killed her, the father of the kids just murdered your beloved OTHER Woman!! Very traumatic? Have you totally accepted what happened? Or still grieving but you need to turn the tables on me, so that i’ll be the one in trial now, not you… You dont like that of course thats why you have to Put me in shame and exaggerate things so that everybody Will hate me now and the people around us will not be minding whats happening around local news to your Beloved Other woman….

It was a success to manipulate things and made me look like i am a Crazy woman that needs professional intervention… You want me in a mental health institution… Great!!
This is what i have to say:
“i just hope that you are happy with what you have done-
you created the worst image of me, you got all our children with you, and you do a lot of name callings infront of them, so that they will think that their mother is not well
-thats okay… Everything you did, i will just accept, because theres no other way, you are too good in making me the worst Mother….
Deep down inside us – we know what is real.. And We know what is NOT…

Author: FilipinaLife

i am a typical filipina wife who wants to share stories i kept through all these years(considered to be taboo) because you are a Filipina wife.

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