Silence the best revenge to Gaslighting

What should i do with what i’ve been through? The tremendous Crazy Making and constant Gaslighting…
-objectively, after deep thinking, i just need to be CALM and be happy that i am over with that phase of my life… Yes.  I’ve been Violated, i’ve been abused..
-i should take Action for these Aggression and Injustice…
-i should take action with inner Calmness, because i owe that to myself
-i should not respond with Anger anymore
-Anger is Mental Unhappiness

It breaks my heart that people like you REALLY exist in this world…

-people who wants others suffer.
-does it make you happy to see me suffer mentally?
-WHAT HAVE i DONE, for you to TREAT ME this way?
-i know and i am sure that i didn’t do anything AGAINST you…

I am still in pain, emotionally scarred, i can say that though it’s very hard, i am trying to look squarely at the SUFFERINGS you caused me, i can now see that i have wasted too much time and energy..

Author: FilipinaLife

i am a typical filipina wife who wants to share stories i kept through all these years(considered to be taboo) because you are a Filipina wife.

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